3 Nisan 2015 Cuma

Mc Leod Diaries , part 2

  Rain and cold takes over the village for a few days. The roads are muddy, people tired of the rain and cold take refuge in the cozy coffee shops. From one coffee shop to another, like a pilgrimage, people are sharing tables, sharing stories, and laughter. Life is never boring at Mc Leod.  In between the coffee shops, I walk by the shops selling intriguing  thangkas, Kashmiri shops selling colorful pashminas and shawls from Kashmir, Nepali shops selling out door gear.  Namgyalma Stupa surroundered with Tibetan flags and prayer wheels, at the heart of the village connects two main streets, Temple Rd.  and Jogibera Rd. The building is a Buddhist memorial honoring those who lost their lives during the freedom struggle of Tibet. 
 Following the Temple Rd, passing the street stalls overlooking the valley, selling colorful malas (prayer beads), Buddha statues, singing bowls I find myself at the Tsuglagkhang Complex. The complex holds the official residence of the Dalai Lama, the Namgyal Gompa, Tibet Museum, Tsuglagkhang Temple. 

 Tsuglagkhang Temple in exile is the equivalent of the Jokhang Temple in Llhasa. Passing through the security, taking the steps up with the locals and tourists,I see the monks from all ages in their maroon safran colored robes, sitting cross legged reading the prayers from the prayer books. Pilgrims getting in the main temple, praying in front of the Tibetan deity Avalokeitesvara, the deity of compassion. There is also a great gilded statue of Buddha , another statue belongs to Padmasambha, the Indian scholar who introduced Buddhism to Tibet. The prayers and offerings are made... Next to the main temple is Kalachakra Temple. Kalachakra (wheel of time) mandala was drawn on the walls, the mandala takes me in. I'm held there, mesmerized, as it pulls me deep and deeper beyond time and space.
I sit in the corner and meditate... Feeling gratitude and love...